How to Perform a Lower Back Chiropractic Adjustment

How to Perform a Lower Back Chiropractic Adjustment

Thousands of Americans suffer from lower back pain. There are a number of ways to ease back pain, including anything from herbal remedies to spinal surgery. One way to relieve acute or chronic lower back pain is through a chiropractic lower back adjustment.


Examine the patient's back before the chiropractic adjustment. If the patient's back is swollen, give her an anti-inflammatory and ask her to wait or come back at a different time. Wait for the swelling to go down before you perform an adjustment.


Ask the person receiving the chiropractic adjustment to sit on a flat surface and cross her arms in front of her body. Have the patient stretch her legs out in front of her.


Place her hands on her shoulders. This creates tension in her lower back and spine.


Tuck her chin into her body and place one of your hands on the nape of her neck.


Place your other hand on the patient's lower back. Your hand needs to be at the base of the spine, with your fingers pointing toward her neck. Be sure the center of your palm is in the center of the base of the patient's spine.


Lean the patient backward. Push up on her spine with the palm of your hand to deliver the chiropractic lower back adjustment.

Tips & Warnings

Sometimes a pop is heard during the adjustment. This sound is air in the spine. Many times the air is what causes the patient's lower back discomfort.

Never perform a lower back adjustment if the patient's back is swollen or inflamed.