How to Pass a Hard Stool

How to Pass a Hard Stool

Can't pass that hard one? Don't like meds? This is easy and works for me every time. No medicine or other drugs needed for this to work.

Things You'll Need:

Nothing to buy.


Relax and extend your legs out in front of you. I know this sounds weird, but it has helped me many, many times without fail. The position itself is comfortable and aids in the process. Make sure that you are not cramped up in too small a space. You want your legs to be straight.


Cross them at the ankles, so that your legs are extended straight out in front of you. You will be holding a relaxed pose.


Squeeze your legs together as you press out the stool. Remember, alternately squeeze then press. Any combination of the two will work.


Push the stool out. Relax. Then repeat the steps again as necessary. It will take practice to get the right rhythm, but practice makes perfect.

Tips & Warnings

It sounds crazy, I know, but it works every time.

Now, if you need something exta, get a tea called "Dieter's Tea". It comes in differnt flavors and works overnight. I use 2 bags with 2 equals (sugar substitute) the first time and one bag each day thereafter. It helps keep me regular with soft stools. It tastes good and found in most grocery stores. I purchase mine at the Neighborhood Walmart for under $4.

If you decide to get the Dieter's Tea, be sure to follow the directions and warning on the box.