How to Overcome Wheeziness the Natural Way

How to Overcome Wheeziness the Natural Way

Those of us who live with Asthma know how important it is to manage this condition.

This article will show you how to overcome wheeziness without having to use medication.

Things You'll Need:

Calm State of Mind



Sit with your back straight, chest out, stomach in.


Inhale slowly though your nose.

The nose is designed for breathing, it has hairs to filter dust and the special passages warm and moisten the air before it gets into the lungs.


Exhale slowly through your mouth.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 until wheeziness abates.

Tips & Warnings

Keep an asthma diary - the time, activity, possible trigger, etc. when asthma attacks occur

Take preventive medicine as prescribed

Keep inhaler handy in case of attack

Try to breathe through your nose at all times

Do not overeat, particularly just before going to sleep

Do not be afraid to use your inhaler at any time during this process, you know your own comfort level. This exercise is intended to be used during minor episodes of wheeziness.

As with all illnesses, consult with your physician to make sure your Asthma is under control before you attempt to manage it naturally.