How to Perform a Colon Cleanse with OxyPowder

How to Perform a Colon Cleanse with OxyPowder

How to do a simple colon cleanse with oxypowder, and some of the benefits you'll see.

Things You'll Need:




In the evening you want to start by taking 4 capsules of Oxypowder with an 8 ounce glass of water. You will be looking to have 3-5 bowel movements each day. If this is not the case increase the dosage by 2 until you you see the desired result. Once you have started having 3-5 bowel movements each day, this will count as day 1.


Day 2 - 7 of the 7 Day Cleanse will be repeating this dosage with a glass of water every day. Also, you are recommended to drink plenty of water during the day during your cleanse.


If you would like to continue using oxypowder long term to help maintain a healthy system, you can continue taking the same dosage every other day.

Tips & Warnings

OxyPowder is:

100% safe

kosher certified

manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices

NOT habit forming

can be taken daily, however taken every other day for maintenance following a cleanse is found to be effective.

does not interfere with medications and prescriptions (but check with your doctor first)

1/2 the normal dosage can be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers. However if your child's stool becomes watery, you should reduce your dosage until it returns to normal.

safe for use with
, however checking with your doctor first is recommended just in case. Safety First!

It is important to avoid the following things during your cleanse.

processed foods


carbonated drinks

caffeinated drinks

fried foods

fatty foods