How to Own and Manage a Spa

How to Own and Manage a Spa

If you have the desire to operate your own business, then the spa industry is one of the most potentially lucrative you can find. People enjoy going to spas to relax and feel better. In order to run your spa business, you need take the following steps to make it successful.

Things You'll Need:

Money to start your business

Good organization

A good business plan


Decide what type of spa you plan to run and which services you will offer clients. This needs to be established before you prepare to launch your business. For example, you may want to open a day spa, where customers come in for just a few hours or you might want to run a spa where people can come for a designated number of days. Services might include things like massages, nail care, facials and pedicures.


Make sure that the atmosphere in your spa is conducive to relaxation. Chairs should be comfortable, noise should be kept to a minimum and customers should be made to feel as though they are in the midst of luxury.


Make sure you have a competent, well-trained staff. You will save yourself time and frustration by hiring people who have previously worked in the spa or
field. While additional training may still be required, the amount of time it will take should be considerably less, if your staff already has relevant experience. Have regular meetings with staff to discuss topics, such as budgets, equipment and customer service.


Make sure that everything in your spa facility is hygienic. All tools and equipment should always be kept clean and sanitized, to avoid spreading germs or causing infections in customers. You want to keep people safe and also keep from being sued.


Get the word out. The spa business is extremely competitive, so do everything you can to let people know about your spa. Set up a professional-looking website that tells about your spa, describes your services, provides useful information and allows potential clients to make their appointments or reservations online. Get business cards and flyers to pass out. Yellow Pages advertising is a must, so create a well-placed, noticeable ad. If it's affordable, see if you can run a short radio or television spot.


Offer your customers "perks" for being loyal, such as gift certificates that are good for a free massage or facial. It will show your appreciation for their patronage and motivate them to refer others to you.


Keep customers content. Happy clients are more likely to return to your spa and let others know about you. When possible, offer discounts or other perks to loyal customers, especially those who bring you additional business by referring others.