How to Do a Gelatin Juice Fast

How to Do a Gelatin Juice Fast

Gelatin is excellent fuel for your endrocrine system, which nourishes your blood, rejuvenates tissue, enriches organs, smoothes your skin, vitalizes your hair and even improves the fibers of your nails. By flushing your body with gelatin and fresh juice, some experts believe you can achieve an overall healthy glow to your body. We recommend that you see "How to Understand a Gelatin Juice Fast" and consult your doctor before beginning this fast.

Things You'll Need:







Dissolve 1 tbsp. of gelatin granuals into 1/3 C. of hot water, add Вј tsp. of kelp powder (or liquid), and mix with 8 to 10 ozs of fresh raw vegetable juice (fresh sqeezed). Double this recipe to make more at one time and store in your refrigerator for one or two days.


Carrot juice is an excellent fasting juice. It is proven to have anticancer qualities and loads of beta-carotene. Make sure to use the portion at the very top of the carrot. Celery, beets, avocados, squash tomatoes, parsley, green beans, and spinach are just a few of the wonderful vegetables for juicing.


Mix and match to invent your own combinations. Juice each vegetable seperately, then combine in a glass to experiment with different flavor combinations.


Consume this super-cocktail once in the morning, once at noon and once at night.


Drink fresh juices without gelatin throughout the day as much as you desire.


Continue this for up to ten days. Juice any vegetables you wish.


Break your fast by eating whole fruits and vegetables for a full day and then easing back into your normal diet the next day.

Tips & Warnings

Gelatin and kelp can be found at most any health food store, or can be ordered online at most online health stores.

Educate yourself on the vast benefits of juice fasting. Juices are low in calories so you can expect to lose some weight during your fast. Juice fasting has also been credited to clear up flu symtoms, colds, asthma, and allergies.

Avoid heavy exercise throughout your fast. Some light yoga, walking or
are great means of stimulating your metabolism without straining your body.

Be creative and have fun inventing juice cocktails. Add gelatin to your normal diet even after you finish your fast. This will help stimulate your immune system.

Pregnant women and
should not fast.

Consult your health care provider before going on this fast especially if you have diabetes, heart disease, ulcerative colitis, or epilepsy; if you are under 18 or underweight; or if you are on medication.